The Digital Marketing Highway- What Lane Are You In?

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Internet Marketing Highway

I’ve always had this funny concept that runs through my head where the lane of the highway you generally drive in and the way you drive dictates the type of entrepreneur you become. This obviously isn’t true for most people, but for me it is 100% spot on. I’m an opportunistic driver who takes advantage of any situation that will allow me to get from point A to point B as quick as possible.

For the sake of this post, I will correlate this same logic to your digital marketing strategy. After all, what kind of Internet marketing mentor would I be if I didn’t take a stab at it?

It is safe to say that the majority of individuals reading this blog post have a drivers license or have at least been in a moving vehicle on the road. In California, there are so many lanes on the highways I have a field day hopping from lane to lane. I predominately stay in the far left lanes because that’s my opportunistic driving style. Below are the 5 driving styles that relate to the different approaches to digital marketing:

  • Opportunity Seeker
  • Moderate Mover
  • Conservative Snail
  • Reckless Hellion
  • Nonparticipating Loser

Opportunistic Digital Marketing Strategy- The Fast Lane

Everyone should drive in this lane per my opinion- only kidding. But it is important to realize that the same way you drive in an opportunistic manner to get from point A to point B, hopping in and out of the fast lane, is the same way your digital marketing strategy functions. You realize the importance of having a solid digital marketing strategy, you’re actively involved in search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, social media marketing (SMM), and video marketing. On top of that, the idea of your website being well built and home base for your digital marketing efforts, is something you not only believe but you practice.

Moderate Digital Marketing Strategy- The Middle Lanes

The middle lanes on the highway are for those who are interested in moving at a moderate pace, but aren’t seeking any opportunity to speed or get from point A to point B faster. It is nice to know the fast lane opportunity is right to your left if you want to speed things up a notch. With your digital marketing strategy you understand the importance of having one, but you aren’t fully committed in what tools you want to use and your website is functioning, but not built for high conversions. There is some effort being put into social media for business and other strategies, but you haven’t fully dove into see the value for your business.

Conservative Digital Marketing Strategy- The Far Right Lane

You love cruisin’ down Pacific Coast Highway with your hair blowing in the California air and it doesn’t matter to you have fast you get results from your driving. The same can be said of your digital marketing strategy- you are participating, but your not all in or caring drastically about the results. This may mean you have a social media account, a website (that’s terrible), you have heard of SEO and PPC, but you don’t have an active stance in your digital marketing strategy.

Reckless Digital Marketing Strategy- Every Lane and Lane Gap

In most states these guys would be arrested, but in California its cool to be an idiot and hop between cars on your motorcycle or car. This person wants to get from point A to point B so fast they don’t even care how they get there. In a digital marketing strategy sense, this individual is all over the map. They are taking advice from every information marketer out there, falling for scams, their website is so littered with call-to-actions you can’t even read it, and the list can go on. There is no structure or plan behind this digital marketing strategy.

Nonparticipating Digital Marketing Strategy- The Shotgunner

This person isn’t even driving so they are worthless to my example, but they do serve one purpose; they are the business owner who has no digital marketing strategy and whose business will significantly loose out as technology progresses. That could be because they are lost and confused or because they frankly just don’t want to get behind the wheel and drive that digital strategy.

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