Free Text Tools

Use our free text tools to help you keep your content under control. Everything from secure password generation to obfuscation of text using the HTML Encoder to hide information you don’t want web scrapers to find.

free password generator

Password Generator

Craft extremely strong passwords to keep all your personal information safe.

free text length checker

Text Length Checker

Monitor the number of characters, line count, word count, and more.

free duplicate text remover

Duplicate Text Remover

Delete duplicates of any text to make dealing with data easier.

Free HTML encoder

HTML Encoder

Transform text into Unicode or HexHTML strings to be placed on any website.

free unix time converter

Unix Time Converter

Modify a Unix time stamp into readable dates and times.

A Special Thanks…

We greatly appreciate your support and will do our best to develop amazing web tools that’ll make your life easier. Stay tuned for amazing things to come.