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Amazon SalesRank is the equivalent of Google's PageRank. The higher your SalesRank the higher your product is listed among Amazon search results. Our Amazon SalesRank checker will look up SalesRank by ASIN, UPC, and EAN. Please note the keyword look up will not provide SalesRank, but will show the products listed in for the keyword you searched.

Please Note: As of 23 January 2019, Amazon has restricted access to their product API for users who don't generate sales. We provided this tool as a free service with no marketing or referrals, which means we're using the service but generating $0 in revenue for them. We're leaving the tool enabled below "just in case" if you would like to try it, but unless something changes I would not expect to receive any results. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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A few notes about this tool:
  • The tool will pull back the information directly from Amazon. Any errors in data can't be controlled on our end.


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