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Sometimes it seems impossible to find the email address of a webmaster for a particular domain. The only way to get what you need is to do a Whois look up. A Whois look up will help you gather email addresses and, it will do so in bulk. You can do up to 15 Whois look ups at once.

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A few notes about this tool:
  • The tool will only scrape a maximum of 15 URLs. BUY PREMIUM FOR UNLIMITED
  • If a URL doesn’t return an email address, we weren’t able to contact the Whois server
  • The URL must be a root domain
Searching with a Whois look up provides information that is very valuable for Internet marketers and other individuals who need this information for their desired purpose. Some of the information that can be found by performing a Whois look up is as follows:

  • contact first and last name
  • contact phone number
  • contact address
  • domain expiration date and time
  • name servers (and host)

If you need social profiles we recommend our social media scraper.

There are a million ways that a Whois look up can help you with a number of tasks you are looking to accomplish. One of the ways I use Whois look ups is to find the contact name and email address of a domain owner so I can reach out to them with cross promotion offers or with useful content. Another benefit to performing a Whois look up is when you need contact information during a disavow campaign. If your website was hit by any of the more recent Google updates, then you are familiar with the negative impact a spammy backlink profile can have on your website’s performance. Performing a Whois look up is generally the only way to get the contact information to ask for a link removal.
Whois is a query and response protocol that is used to search for the contact information and other pertinent details associated with a registered domain. This information is considered public knowledge unless a domain owner pays the additional fee to have their details blocked from those who may be interested in attaining it.


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