How Email Scraping Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

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Getting contacts for leads can be a challenge within most industries. Tracking down contacts for your target market shouldn’t become a time-consuming process that yields few reliable results. Launch your marketing campaign into overdrive by email scraping.

What Is Email Scraping?

Email scraping is a digital marketing strategy where a large number of email addresses are harvested through automated tools. Not only does email scraping collect contact information for your network marketing efforts, it also analyzes data collected. The data can then be used to target leads through online campaigns. Email scraping services are software programs that “scrape” contact data from websites to efficiently collect the information you need to cut down on research time. Email scraping tools use predictive analytics as a way to extract contact information from public websites.

Before using email scraping to create a successful digital marketing campaign, research is required to determine what websites to target within your industry. The websites targeted will be relevant to the products and services you’re promoting. For instance, if your campaign will market a shoe store franchise, you’d look at competitors within the retail sector.

Benefits of Email Scraping

Email scraping gives you a competitive edge. When facing fierce digital marketing competition, your campaigns need to be ready to go faster than ever. For instance, if a new market release is coming out, you want to be the first to advertise it. Email scraping is less time-consuming and improves accuracy of contact details. When emails are collected using other methods, human error may undermine the effectiveness of the campaign.

Less time is wasted when you use email scraping. The key to successful digital marketing is advertising to the right audience. Spending time and resources promoting to contacts who are interested in your specific products and services makes the most financial sense. Email scraping is inexpensive and typically requires little maintenance for extended use.

Email scraping has a higher level of accuracy than other data collection methods. For instance, taking the time to manually collect contacts from websites and putting them into a spreadsheet is time-consuming. Mistakes are more likely as well. With email scraping, raw data is pulled from a website and converted into a usable form. Data can be saved on the cloud for shared or mobile access.

A final way to benefit from email scraping is to put together an email campaign from your data results. The timing of this campaign is important since prior social media engagement is preferred. Due to marketing efforts on social media, brand awareness is raised. Targets are much more likely to open emails from a brand recognized through social media advertising. Track open and engagement rates for email campaigns to note engagement improvements.

4 Ways to Utilize Email Scraping

LinkedIn’s Matched Audience Feature

Once you’ve collected emails through data scraping, you can target your audience through social media. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager tool has a “matched audience” feature. Their contact management platform helps you upload and manage your targets to create effective ads.

Twitter’s Tailored Audience Feature

Twitter’s Tailored Audience feature is a remarketing tool used in conjunction with the contacts collected through email scraping. Once you’ve uploaded the email addresses of your contacts, you can have the option through Twitter to include them in your ad campaigns.

Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Tool

Facebook has a custom audience tool that allows you to upload scraped emails for improved targeting. Even if your contact list is small, you can still expand on Facebook through the Lookalike Audiences. The Lookalike Tool automatically generates new audiences for your campaigns based on characteristics found from the existing contacts you have uploaded. Further targeting and campaign tweaks can be done once you have the right custom audience.

The data collected in your custom audience social media campaigns should be evaluated consistently. Analytics help determine the success of your email scraping efforts. Compared to past efforts, you’re likely to see a higher ROI when audiences are created through email scraping efforts.

Link Building

Using email scraping to build links has several advantages that often go unnoticed. As you gather emails through a form on your site, for example, you can begin creating email content to send your audience. Consider adding embeddable content, such as infographics, to your email content. If the content you embed is relatable and useful for your audience, they are likely to share it on their site. Another benefit of this is you have the ability to control anchor text.

Review your email list and analyze domain names by looking at domain authority. Focus in on high domain authorities, and do individual outreach. If you have the recipient’s name, personalize your email and share useful content that may directly relate to what they do. In addition, take domain names and follow companies or individuals related to the company on social media. Carve out time each week to engage and build relationships with these brands and people. While it may take weeks or months, this is an effective way to build links.

Email scraping is a streamlined form of data collection that helps match you with the right audience and improve social media presence. Most importantly, email scraping helps you plan out better marketing campaigns without wasting your budget on cold leads.

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