Difference Between A Boss and A Leader [Infographic]

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The difference between a boss and a leader is very important to understand, especially when you are beginning to progress professionally. Working for a “boss” vs working for a “leader” could ultimately determine your happiness, your success and general well being so it’s important to understand which type of individual your superior falls under. Check out the infographic below for … Read More

The Linkedin Audience Of A Networking Addict

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Michael Keating Infographic

I created this infographic just for fun when trying a new software I purchased called Instant Infographic Presence. The software was easy to use, supplied great stock image options and had a quick user interface. As the content of the infographic is pulled directly from my Linkedin profile, it is still crazy to see how expansive my network has become … Read More

Elvis The Beach King Hits Vegas!

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Elvis The Beach King

While working at eReach Consulting I attended the ERA D2C conference. This conference was primarily focused on Direct Response, fulfillment, media production and a few other areas relevant to that space. Being the attention whore that I am, I decided to have a little fun. I mean what better way to break the ice than to dress like a beach … Read More