How To Use SocialADR

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SocialADR Review

There was a time in the SEO world when there was a weird art known as social bookmarking that was a rather important part in an SEO strategy. There were hundreds of different social bookmarking providers that would allow you to bookmark your website or a specific webpage of your choosing. This page would then be counted as a backlink … Read More

Camtasia Review- Don’t Buy This SEVERLY Flawed Product

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Camtasia Review- This Product Is Flawed

One of the beautiful things about being an Internet Marketer or becoming an entrepreneur is that the Internet provides you with access to thousands of tools (software) to make your job and life so much easier. Some of these tools are free. While others are fairly inexpensive. But anytime you are using software or tool you run the risk of … Read More

AdFly Advertising Review – It Wasn’t Worth The Mula!

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Ad.Fly Review

I have a confession. The title of this post is a bit deceiving because AdFly traffic costs close to nothing. However, the point still remains true that it wasn’t worth the little amount of mula it did cost me. What Is AdFly Advertising AdFly is a URL shortening service that also doubles as an advertising platform for businesses looking to … Read More