Release of our new Email Scraper: The Octascraper [Feature Update]

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We’re more than excited to announce a number of improvements to Octatools.  Our new scraper, “The Octascraper”, has been officially released along with enhancements to the membership portal and a refreshed site! Keep reading for more details on these changes and what they mean for you.

This next generation of our email scraper is a brand new tool that works on an entirely different code base from our original scraper tools. This means more matches, fewer false-positives, and less work for you to do. This new tool allows you to search by domain or keyword and crawl through all pages on a site to identify any available email addresses.  Results are compiled and stored online for you to download on-demand.  As with our other tools, all processing happens online, which means no software for you to download!  

Enhanced Membership Portal

Our membership portal has been enhanced to include all of our free tools in one easy to access area that is simpler to navigate. Premium members will also have access to the premium tools such as The Octascraper, original email scraper, original social media scraper and keyword scraper as well as account management functions in this left-hand navigation. Look forward to easier transitions and easier to find search engine optimization tools to make your life easier.

Updated Site

With the launch of The Octascraper and enhanced membership portal, you’ll also notice a revamped home page and refreshed site look.  Our Octatools mascot (“Octie” – because… of course that’s his name) now feels right at home in his ocean themed color palette. We’ve made a lot of effort to make the site simpler to use and and easier to navigate. Feel free to drop us a note below to let us know how you think we did!

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