3 Statements of the Clueless CEO

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Clueless CEO

Let’s face it, there are a variety of titles I could choose to use for this article. For example, “How to Know your CEO is an Idiot”, “You Know your CEO is a Moron When…” or some other combination of words that express my frustration listening to CEOs, Bosses, Managers, and supposed to be leaders, who can’t guide a group of sex addicts to a whore house, talk about their business. If you have ever found yourself listening to a CEO when they say something so asinine that you rip your coffee like a shot of tequila, then this article is for you.

As mentioned in the title, I’m going to point out 3 statements with explanation that reveal your CEO or boss has little to no knowledge of business, isn’t a tested entrepreneur, and frankly is clueless. Please note I will be using Apple and Google as examples to make my points.

1. We have no competition

I absolutely love this statement. You have no competition? Please pull your head out of your ass and learn a thing or two about business. Do you honestly think you are the only person in the entire world that is doing what you are doing? Do you think Steve Jobs (R.I.P) says Apple has no competitors because no other company makes exactly phones, mp3 players, computers, and software? If he did he would be a moron. Even though Google has a completely different business model then Apple consisting of phones and software, they are still direct competitors. (I know both of these companies do more but for this example I’m keeping it simple). Every company has different competitors for each product and service they offer. Apple has Google as a competitor for phones and Dell for computers. Both Google and Dell operate in different industries but they are both competitors of Apple in different facets of Apples business model. The competitive landscape of every business needs to be looked at from a wide view, taking into account any company that can potentially steal your client base. Remember the better you know the moves of your competitors the better you can react when they make a move at your market share. It is my friends a game of survival of the fittest.

2. I don’t want to advertise or promote my product/service because someone may steal my idea

Where should I even start with this statement? It is soo dumb that it makes my head explode. Let me make a point. Anyone at any given moment can replicate your product or service exactly if they really wanted to. Despite what you think, you are just not that special. It all depends on the barriers to entry within your respective industry. If they are high, it may take a competitor years to make a competing product. If they are low, well, you may have a new competitor tomorrow. Rather then hindering your sales (and company growth) by neglecting to promote your product, why not focus on predicting future industry trends, listening to your customers, perfecting your product, and innovating. The key is to be on your toes and ahead of the game. Imagine if Steve Jobs and Apple didn’t promote the iPhone because they didn’t want Google to replicate their smartphone? Exactly. There wouldn’t be a smart phone revolution, mobile marketing would suck, and the whole future of technology would have been altered.

3. We don’t need a plan

Okay. I admit I am a plan freak, especially when it comes to business. The second you open your mouth I’m already thinking about the end goal and what we need to do to get there. So when I hear this statement I pretty much look like a smashed pumpkin. Yes you do need a plan. You need a short term plan, a long term plan, a project plan, a plan for a plan, etc. You know why? Because if you don’t have a plan that consists of benchmarks, goals, and an end result, you will never get anywhere. Time and time again I see companies trying to launch a product or service with no plan. Guess what happens? One month goes by. Two months go by…..and you have no product launched. All the time you are dilly dallying someone is gaining ground on your market share. Back to Apple and Google again. Do you think Apple would be able to launch iPhone after iPhone if they didn’t have a plan? If they didn’t plan everything to a T Google would be leaving them in the dust in the mobile space. The main point is that planning will allow your business to measure its progress, make necessary changes when needed, and stay aligned with the goals you have set forth.

So next time you find yourself in a situation with your boss and one of these statements is made, think of this article. Try to communicate with your boss as best you can some of the points and examples I have expressed above. Please do so delicately because if your CEO is making these statements they probably don’t have the best business etiquette and may not find your feedback welcoming.

If you know of other statements you have heard before and want to express your opinions please do so in the comments!

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