5 Facebook Apps for Birthdays

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Facebook Birthday Apps

This post was to be written on my actual birthday which is October 17th, but being that it wasn’t used in another publication, I decided to publish here. Why not?

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want. That’s right ladies and gents. It is in fact my birthday, but I will not be crying. Although, I can’t believe I’m 26. 26! Not to twirl into a self reflecting frenzy, but I do remember when I was 19 thinking where I’d be in life at 22, then at 22 thinking where I’d be at 25, and now 26 thinking about…who knows right? All I know is I’m alive, breathing, and surrounded by amazing friends and family.

We all know this ode, midnight strikes and BOOM it is your birthday! Here comes the Facebook messages, Facebook wall posts, Tweets, text messages, etc. It goes on for about a 24-hour period. For men, it can’t end soon enough, for women it can’t start soon enough and go long enough. Funny the difference in sexes on this issue. I had a girlfriend who literally wanted it to last a month!

If you are anything like me, it is very difficult to keep track of people’s birthdays. Even with Facebook telling me, I still seem to miss it. So I decided to look into some social media tools that relate to birthdays. Below you will find 5 social media applications on Facebook and Twitter to help those in need (like me):

Rock You Birthday Cards

This is a very basic Facebook application that will send cards and gifts to the friends of your choice. You are able to choose from a ton of cards based on specific occasions. You are also about to create custom cards for those extra special people! There is also an integrated reminder system, birthday calendar, etc.

American Greetings B-Day Calendar

This is one of the more popular Facebook applications for remembering birthdays, holidays, and other special events. You are able to leverage a calendar and have the combined convenience of adding American Greetings (can you say upsell?) to your birthday and holiday wishes. Definitely the most robust birthday app on Facebook.

Birthday FB

This is a different approach to the birthday Facebook application. You are able to schedule your messages to friends in advance. That way, on the morning of their birthday, your message is posted to their wall. You will surely never miss a birthday again!

Say Thank You

This is about as straight forward as your birthday next year. You can’t avoid it. This Facebook application is cool is because it automates the process for you. You grant the app permission, and it will automatically thank those that have wrote on your wall wishing you a happy birthday. This is a great way to save time and be more efficient.

Hash Love

This Twitter application you sign up, pick a card you would like to send based on a variety of occasions, add your personalized message, and share it with your friends. This share link allows people to add their own birthday or other wishes to the bottom of the card. As more people comment, the longer the list at the bottom of card extends.

These social media applications are extremely helpful in remembering your friends’ birthdays and other occasions. For people like me, I don’t put much emphasis on birthdays and the like. But we all have that friend (or multiple) who is extremely sentimental and emotional about these types of things. So forgetting this individuals birthday would be a huge ordeal. Now with the help of these social media applications, you will no longer have to worry about that.

On a side note: I came across this awesome tutorial for how to add your Facebook friends birthdays to Google Calendar.

If you have other applications or pointers please leave those below. After all, it is my b-day!

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