5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website

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The days where all web browsing was done on a computer are long gone. Nowadays most people have at the very least a smartphone, if not a tablet too, and a lot of our browsing is done on the move. In 2016 the Telegraph reported that mobile usage had overtaken desktop and laptop computers!

So it has become increasingly important for websites to be responsive in order to provide a great browsing experience, whatever screen they are viewed on.

If you have yet to ensure you have a responsively designed website for your business, or you are still using an old style mobile site, here are five reasons you need to think about a redesign soon!

User friendliness

Websites which are designed for desktop only often offer a poor user experience for those using a smaller screen, which can put people off visiting your site, increase your bounce rate, and reduce your conversion rate.

Issues such as having to scroll sideways and pinch and zoom too much, images which don’t fit the page and may only be partially visible, and difficulty navigating are all problems of unresponsive websites which often put visitors off.

The team at London based web designers, Liquid Bubble told us “since responsive websites adapt to the screen they are being viewed on, you can be sure that your customers and prospective customers will be able to easily navigate your site whatever device type they are viewing it on”.

Social media drives mobile users

If you have implemented social media marketing as part of your marketing strategy you will likely be sharing links to your website on social channels, and the majority of social media users now access these platforms on the go via their smartphones.

And it isn’t just social media either, these days lots of people are sharing links to sites via text messages or WhatsApp when recommending products or services to their friends and family, so it’s definitely something to not ignore.

Future proofing

One of the great benefits of a responsive site is that it doesn’t exclude future devices, as a responsive design will fit whichever screen it is being viewed on.

So you don’t need to worry about redesigning your website all over again further down the line when new handset sizes are released, for example.

Once you have a great responsive website you won’t have to worry about spending time and money having it completely redesigned in a few years time unless you want to!

Responsive sites load faster

These days if your site loads too slowly potential visitors will rarely have the patience to stick it out and wait and will go elsewhere instead. This is especially true for those who are on the go and may just want quick information, particularly about local businesses.

Responsive websites tend to load much faster than a site designed for a desktop on a mobile device, which is a huge benefit.

Of course, these are just some of the numerous reasons why a responsive site is a good idea, but we hope this has inspired you to think about how your site is delivering for your business!

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