9 Building Blocks to Double Sales [Freebie Friday]

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No matter how amazing your product, sales are always a topic of internal discussions in board rooms or coffee shops. Sales are one of the most critical aspects to any business and that’s why it is the first of many installations in our Freebie Friday. Each week I will give a synopsis of an ebook or other downloadable media, plus an actual file for you to download. You can hopefully use this information to become a better marketer and general business owner.

What You Can Expect In This Download:

  • Building Block 1: Supercharge Your Website
  • Building Block 2: Fill Your Funnel 4
  • Building Block 3: Convert Your Funnel 5
  • Building Block 4: Flip Your Funnel 6
  • Building Block 5: Win Lifelong Customers 7
  • Building Block 6: Sell Online 8
  • Building Block 7: Collect the Cash 9
  • Building Block 8: Grow through Partners 10
  • Building Block 9: Measure and Tweak

About The Author

This ebook was written by CEO and Co-founder of Infusion Soft. I personally love their software and system. Anyone looking for a small business CRM, definitely check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

Download Here -> 9 Building Blocks For Better Sales (664 downloads)

About the Author

Michael Keating

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Mike is a prolific digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur and SEO specialist who understands how to drive results using integrated digital strategies. He is one of the founders of Octatools and is excited about the opportunity to help DIY SEOs and business owners get results online.

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