AdFly Advertising Review – It Wasn’t Worth The Mula!

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Ad.Fly Review

I have a confession. The title of this post is a bit deceiving because AdFly traffic costs close to nothing. However, the point still remains true that it wasn’t worth the little amount of mula it did cost me.

What Is AdFly Advertising

AdFly is a URL shortening service that also doubles as an advertising platform for businesses looking to drive cheap, real “human” traffic to their website. As an advertiser, you get two choices for the type of advertisements you would like to leverage:

Interstitial Advertising

If you are wondering what the hell this is, you are not alone. I’ve never heard of this form of online advertising before experimenting with AdFly. The details that AdFly gives for what this type of advertising entails is…wait for it…NOTHING. They do give you these amazing (vague) bullet points below:

Adfly Advertising

Aside from this, they are kind enough to inform all potential advertisers that “you may receive traffic that does not meet this criteria, but you will never be charged for it”. What a relief!

They give you the option to determine what regions your traffic will come from and the prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 per 1,000 visitors to your website. As you can tell this is beyond cheap so what can an advertiser really expect.

Just a note: Interstitial advertising refers to a type of advertising where the ad is displayed in between two web pages and is usually delivered by an ad server.

Leader Board Banner Advertising

This type of advertisement is very familiar to most Online marketers and requires little explanation. AdFly definitely has a taste for the vague and gives very minimal details about where these advertisements will be displayed. They do however tell you the size 728 x 90 and that the prices are per 1,000 impressions. Also, they make it known that “there are no guarantees for click-through rates”. The price varies but is extremely low range from $0.11 to $1.00.

It seems that by being vague and keeping the costs extremely low, AdFly appeals to the individuals that are willing to experiment. Because it is so cheap it is very unlikely that advertisers will get upset when no results are delivered.

My AdFly Advertising Review

Being on my kick of trying out various Internet Marketing tactics, I decided to blindly test out AdFly advertising to drive some traffic to my website. I went to, visited the advertising page and then proceeded to the check out. I decided to try out the interstitial advertising. Shortly after I received my email receipt and the next day the traffic began to slowly creep in. Check out the ramp up in my website traffic:

Adfly Traffic Increase

It is very apparent that Ad.Fly delivered on their promise of driving traffic to my Internet marketing tips website. I received over 11,062 total visitors which was about 2,000 more than the 9,000 I actually paid for. But here is where the true lack of value in the Ad.Fly advertising traffic is discovered:

  • Pages per visit was 1.07
  • Average duration of each visitor was 10 seconds
  • Bounce rate was 95.71%
  • Percentage of new visits was 98.97%

These numbers obviously don’t seem “human” despite what is promised by Adfly.

AdFly Review Conclusion

The fruits of my $9.00 were rotten. But what did I expect to find digging in a bin of garbage? Not much more than I received. The bottom line is if you are looking for straight traffic to your site then you can get it for very cheap with AdFly advertising options. But if you are looking for traffic that will actually deliver a value you to your website avoid AdFly at all costs.

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9 Comments on “AdFly Advertising Review – It Wasn’t Worth The Mula!”

  1. Why would you send it to your website? Wouldn’t it be better to send it to a landing page? a 95% bounce rate means 5% of people who saw it were actually interested. If you could convert 20% of those to your list, your CPL would be quite reasonable – even with only 1 in 100 visitors being worth anything.

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the comment. A landing page may have been a much better option, but not something I’m going to test out. If you run a similar test and would like to post your results I’m sure people will find it helpful.


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