Camtasia Review- Don’t Buy This SEVERLY Flawed Product

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Camtasia Review- This Product Is Flawed

One of the beautiful things about being an Internet Marketer or becoming an entrepreneur is that the Internet provides you with access to thousands of tools (software) to make your job and life so much easier. Some of these tools are free. While others are fairly inexpensive. But anytime you are using software or tool you run the risk of encountering problems that are beyond your control. That is what happened to me when I was using Camtasia for when launching my first video series.

Camtasia Review

Camtasia is a screen capture and video editing software that appears perfect for any Internet Marketer interested in using video for marketing. It allows you to capture your screen and face at the same time which is perfect for tutorials. The price is reasonable running you between $79.00 – $99.00. The options are great, simple to use and intuitive. On the surface, Camtasia appears to be perfect. Or so I thought before I had a gut wrenching experience that would be the end of my relationship with Camtasia forever.

What Happened With Camtasia

As mentioned, I was using Camtasia to record and edit the first part of my video series. I had been working on the video for about 3 months now and editing/recording a few hours every couple days. I was making great progress and was just about finished with my first video, when I hit a huge road block. I tried to save the project and I received notice saying the project couldn’t save. I then did a “Save As” and switched the name and location of the file. This appeared to do the trick. But when I went to open the new file, I received the following message:

Cannot open document - camtasia

This “the document could not be opened” was a huge “what the f***?” moment for me. I didn’t panic at first and decided to do what any savvy Internet user would do, hopped on Google for an answer.

I Wasn’t Alone- Other Customers Had Problems

After poking around in Google for a bit, I realized I wasn’t alone. There were a handful of other paying customers that had experienced similar problems. In each thread, the story was similar. Each person tried to fix it themselves and then decided to hit the support forum for help from the TechSmith customer service team. It turns out that no one found a solution for the problem and the only information the customer support reps were able to say was that they are “working on it”. They did say issues of this sort would be “escaladed” and provided a link which didn’t take you anywhere except for the main support page. Now, if this was a new issue that just surface I would understand. However, some of the support ticket threads date back over a year and they are still not resolved.

My Experience With TechSmith Customer Service

Since this issue appeared to be over a year old and it was “being worked on” I thought I could find a resolution. I opened a support ticket explaining my situation. The customer support representative wasn’t to blame at all. He did as directed, but unfortunately for him, his answer has led to this Camtasia Review.

Camtasia Review Conclusion

As you can blatantly see Camtasia is still “working on the issue”. This issue has clearly been around for over a year based on other users feedback. This is beyond frustrating for a number of reasons:

  1. Hours of work have been lost and there is no way to get them back
  2. I spent money on this product which has resulted in no finished product
  3. No reimbursement or resolution was offered to keep me a customer

So if you are willing to take a gamble on this product, go right ahead and ignore my Internet marketing tip. It works well most of the time. But just know you run the risk of having hours of your work lost with no way to get it back.

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