How to do Amazing Outreach

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Identifying and connecting with bloggers that are influential to your industry is an effective way of building powerful links, not to mention important contacts that can boost your social followers. However that’s not to say that outreach is easy. In fact, outreach is a critical and difficult part to any brand strategy. It’s time consuming and often times can lead … Read More

How to Create Linkable Content

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If you want to be ranked higher on search engines, then you need to build up authority. Google needs to see that people are talking about you, recommending you, and linking back to you. A dozen high-quality backlinks are worth a whole lot more than one hundred spammy ones. After the Penguin update back in 2012, it was clear that … Read More

Camtasia Review- Don’t Buy This SEVERLY Flawed Product

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Camtasia Review- This Product Is Flawed

One of the beautiful things about being an Internet Marketer or becoming an entrepreneur is that the Internet provides you with access to thousands of tools (software) to make your job and life so much easier. Some of these tools are free. While others are fairly inexpensive. But anytime you are using software or tool you run the risk of … Read More