Search Engine Marketing- Understanding The Paid Search Aspect

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Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella that includes Search Engine Optimization and also Paid Search.  Many people aren’t aware that SEM encompasses both SEO and PPC, but this presentation breaks down SEM for you.  Mainly focused on the paid search aspect, I will be uploading another presentation that focuses more on the SEO side of the equation.

Landing Page Flaw #1- A Weak Call-to-Action

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Weak Call To Action

Nothing is more critical in your website or landing page then your call-to-action. What is a call-to-action? A call-to-action is basically the action you would like your website visitor to take when they land on your website or landing page. It could be such prompts as “sign up now”, “download”, etc. If you are driving qualified traffic to your website, … Read More

How to Use Linkedin- The Basics

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How to use Linkedin

Every Wednesday at my amazing job with eReach Consulting, someone within our company is to do a “Knowledge Share”. This “Knowledge Share” is exactly how it sounds, someone is to share a sliver of knowledge they possess with other members of the team. Being that everyone has a different background and brings something unique to the table, the topics are … Read More