How to Use Linkedin- The Basics

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How to use Linkedin

Every Wednesday at my amazing job with eReach Consulting, someone within our company is to do a “Knowledge Share”. This “Knowledge Share” is exactly how it sounds, someone is to share a sliver of knowledge they possess with other members of the team. Being that everyone has a different background and brings something unique to the table, the topics are usually fairly interesting. They generally cover technology, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web development, graphic design, and much more. So being the charismatic individual that I am, I volunteered to do mine with very little notice.

So as I sat in my creative chamber that is my desk, I started to think about what the hell I wanted to talk about. I didn’t want to talk about something generic and I figured it would be best to talk about something I know well and also something I’m very passionate about. So I started at the top with social media, and eventually worked my way down to a particular service, Linkedin. Now anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE Linkedin. I love Linkedin so much that if I could put it on a leash and take it with me like my new puppy to show off to the world, I would!

You can check out my presentation below:

I will be uploading the presentation into Slideshare so check back for an update.

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