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Over here at Octatools we have been hard at work making changes to the functionality of our premium SEO tool, as well improving the user experience for premium users. Some changes are easily noticed while others are behind the scenes. All that matters is we’ve been working hard to give you a more reliable tool that is affordable and makes your life easier. Don’t worry free users, we’ve made some updates for you too.

Free User Updates

We’ve added two new tools to help you be a better marketer. One will help you with the preliminary research of your SEO strategy, while the other is helpful for those users who are in the Amazon game.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Our long tail keyword research tool will help you identify the keywords you should be targeting with your SEO strategy. The tool will pull results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Youtube, and Wikipedia. It is limited to only 10 results. Upgrade to premium for more.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool >>

Amazon SalesRank Checking Tool

Any of our users who sell products through Amazon or use Amazon to do research as an affiliate, will love this tool. Our new Amazon SalesRank tool will show the products ranking for a specific keyword. It will also show the SalesRank of any product based on ASIN, UPC, and EIN.

Amazon SalesRank Checker >>

Premium User Updates

We’ve made three major updates for our premium users. One is a completely new tool to help with your keyword research and the other improvements are to make keeping track of your results easier.

Premium Keyword Research Tool

This is the same tool that is available for free only with more in-depth keyword research capabilities. Rather than be limited to 10 results you can receive 100s of results in minutes.

keyword tool

Sort and Search Functionality

On the results page you will notice that you now have the ability to sort each column to make it easier to find the results you are looking to find. You can also search for specific files. Please note, we are working on making a it easier for you to name your files when performing a scrape as well as renaming them on the results page.


Partial Results Download!

This is a big one for users. No longer do you need for long scrapes to finish. We obviously recommend waiting because that will give the scraper the time to complete the task. However sometimes when it takes too long we want you to be able to download the results at your convenience.


As always, thank you so much for being a part of the Octatools community. We promise to keep working hard to make our tools better for you.

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