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Fashion Bloggers

They say fashion bloggers are the new celebrities, journalists and stylists. Instead of being known as tweens that like to take pictures of their cute new outfit, they are now known as influencers. A certain cult following has occurred and fashion bloggers might as well be called publishers. Hell, they even get their own night dedicated to them titled Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference (FABB) hosted by Lucky Mag. You can check out the award nominees here.

As blog popularity grows, so does their appeal to luxury brands as an advertising channel. According to an article by Reuters, “Fashion bloggers will help propel online sales of designer clothes, jewels and luxury cars to more than 11 billion euros ($15 billion) in 2015, a research report said on Thursday.” In order for this to happen, brands need to figure out how to tap into these rich resources. The infographic below is data gathered by Kiere Media and it represents the social influence of fashion blogs on a global level.

DigitallyLUX Fashion Blogosphere Global Snapshot

A Snapshot of the Global Fashion Blogosphere

This fashion focused infographic provides eye opening information. It is astonishing to see how almost every continent on the globe is represented by a fashion blog. Not only that, every fashion blog is associated with either a Twitter and/or Facebook account. Even further, street style blogs seem to be the least favorite pass time of fashion bloggers in every region.

What are your thoughts on the future of the fashion blog-o-sphere and its relationship with luxury brands?

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