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Essential skills to get a job

Let’s face it…everyone is tired of hearing about the recession, the unemployment rate, and the unfavorable job market. Below I have compiled some tips and things to keep in mind when searching for jobs and trying to land a job interview.

Networking is key

The more people you know, the more doors you knock on, the better you are. A fraction of new hires were able to get an interview based on sending a blind resume. Getting that foot in the door will increase your chances substantially. Be sure to leverage Linkedin as your best friend.

Part-time and internships are okay

I know this is difficult because if you aren’t fortunate enough to live with your parents or have parents to support you, how are you supposed to afford life? I’ll give you an example to prove my point. One of my friends was looking for a job just like everyone else. She decided why not take an internship to pass the time. When she entered the interview it turned out to be a part-time job. She took the job and within 2 months it turned into a full-time position. If she didn’t take that step who knows where she would be today. Statistic: Recent figures show that 90% of direct-from-college jobs will go to students who’ve had internship experience.

Be aggressive and bold

Yes some people are more reserved than others so this may be difficult. But if you want a job in today’s economy you better be willing to take risks. Another example to prove my point. Our founder was looking for work after college to help support his addiction to entrepreneurship. After sending in resume after resume he decided to take a different approach. Within 24 hours of sending in his resume, he would call the hiring organization and ask for he was in charge of interviews. He would then introduce himself and say he was following up to make sure his resume was received. This not only made him stand out, allowed him to put in some introduction face time, and also led him to get an interview every time. The final result? A job within one week.

Use Craigslist wisely

So by now everyone uses Craigslist to look for jobs. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE! It is critical to approach Craigslist like you are entering battle, prepared and strategic. Here are some critical tips:

  • Apply within 24 hours. This may be time consuming but looking for employment is a full time job. Statistic: 43% of responses came in the first day
  • Cover letter and resume should be in the body. Many employers will not even open an attachment thanks to all the viruses. Also, many employers scan resumes and cover letters for keywords that they have selected
  • Be aware of scams. Companies with very generic names such as SoCal Group, San Diego Marketing Group, or etc. can turn out to be pyramid schemes. Jobs claiming “Recent Grads Welcome” or “No Experience Necessary” should be approached with caution. Unfortunately if the job is that easy to get it means there is a high turnover of employees and it is most likely commission only (If this is what you want go for it…)

Look on niche websites

Almost every industry has niche websites and this is an excellent place to look. For business professionals looking for work in marketing you can check out or if you are a tech person (web-development, programmer, and etc.) you can check out There are tons out there but these are just a few to prove my case.

Although landing a job can be difficult, thinking outside the box is important because it will enable you to stand out among the competition.

I hope that everyone finds these brief tips to be helpful. Back to another death reference, only the strong survive so make sure you come out alive. If you have any questions or anything to contribute please feel free to do so. I welcome the community.

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