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Amazing Outreach Templates To Get You Noticed

While we can break down the process of outreach all we want, when it’s all said and done this marketing task is essentially about the very human activity of relationship building. The first point of contact which is the most pivotal is when you first make contact via email.

This initial email, despite how much effort you put in to your research, will most likely be competing with a million other messages and teetering on the brink of the SPAM folder. If the blogger or business that you’re outreaching to really is a key influencer then you’ll likely be one of many who contact them asking for an outreach partnership. So in this guide we take a look at the ways in which you can stand out, providing simple tips that can be followed to create the kickass outreach template you’ll need for effectively engaging key influencers.

Three Simple Steps To The Perfect Outreach Email Template

Let’s not over complicate matters here which can get out of hand very quickly. Getting an outreach email perfect is about three very basic elements explained further below:

The Subject line: Make it snappy, short and relevant

The subject line is seriously an essential element to get right. After all, fall at this hurdle and the receiver won’t even get to see your message… you’ll simply end up in the Spam or Junk pile awaiting permanent deletion.

The most effective way to capture the blogger’s interest is to be sure to mention their own business or blog within the title. The more personal this can be the better (although we’re not talking about stalking levels of intimacy details here!).

Suggestions include the following:

  • “content suggestion for [INSERT BLOG TITLE HERE]“

This generally tends to work as the blogger will likely be at least curious enough about what you have to say about their blog or recent post to open up your email, after which the continuing hard work of holding their attention goes on. It also demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to research the blog (or, ideally, will illuminate you as a genuine fan).

Crafting your copy for the email body: Be succinct, be simple

The body of your email can be summarized as needing to include two elements: Who you are and what you want. These two points should be covered in no more than 400 words, and the shorter you can make your email the better (not forgetting to be friendly either, as being too brisk may well come off as a tad rude).

Be Nice: Be sure to illustrate your appreciation of the blogger’s work. If possible you should pick up on a relevant post (particularly one that has been subject to debate) and add in your own considered thoughts. But to this end you also need to compliment without coming across as fake (which far, far too many outreachers do). Try these one liners for size:

Having read your post on X, I really think that the issue around Y is one that’s worth raising. I, myself, would wholeheartedly agree with your points, but I can’t see this controversial issue disappearing anytime soon.

I’ve read your post on Y, and I think that the discussion that it’s raised is certainly worthwhile. I’ve long thought that this needed a little debate.

Who are you?: For this point you need to dictate who you are and what your significance is. Simple. Your significance can be just a mention of the company that you work for, being sure to link through to your website.

What do you want?: Finally you need to broach the subject of what you want. This can be a tricky one to get right, tone wise, but once you’ve hit upon the magical formula you will reap notably improved conversion rates.

Keep this section around two to three sentences (the shorter the better) being sure to explain what it is that you want as well as what they have to gain from the partnership.

This latter point is vitally important. You must have something on offer for them, otherwise they won’t see the essential ‘What’s In It For Me’ element, whereupon you’ll be swiftly consigned to that dreaded deleted dustbin. Here’s an example of a well put together ‘What do you want’ section:

I’d really love for you to check out my Blogger Outreach tool. I think that a review within your blog would fit perfectly with your audience. If you want to take a look then I shall whizz over a free copy for you.

Finish with a killer closing statement

Finishing it all off with a succinct and well put together closing statement should encourage the receiver in taking some form of action. This element is something that may well need a little experimenting to really nail down. Examples may include:

  • If this all sounds good to you, then simply reply and I’ll pop over a few post ideas
  • Please get in touch if you like my post idea and I can get cracking right away
  • Please get in touch if this topic is of interest, and if not I can always have a complete rethink based upon a topic or direction of your choosing

And that’s it… the perfect outreach template for any industry and goal. Just be sure to track the successes that you secure with applying with your template.

A Final Takeaway About Outreach

Outreaching to key influencers within the realms that apply of your industry can feel intimidating, particularly if you’re reaching out with no financial reward to offer. However focussing in on those that truly care about your business’s industry, and creating a great content strategy of your own, can make this task a whole lot easier. And when coupled with the pretty amazing outreach templates we’ve provided within this blog article provide for an outreach project that practically runs itself.

We’ve also covered the Best tools for outreach and an all-out, introductory guide to undertaking amazing outreach to help those who need guidance with the basics and are unsure of the best (and essential) tools to help them on their way.

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