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As an SEO or someone who strives to increase search engine rankings for websites, it is critical to understand the importance of submitting your website to as many blog directories as possible. There are a number of directories that require you to pay, but there are tons of free blog directories that are equally as beneficial for your search engine optimization strategy. Although the title says “blog directories” you don’t necessarily need to submit a blog per say. It can be a website with a blog integrated or it can just be a website with static content for your business. Some of the directories are heavily monitored so they may not approve your submission, but others are very easy to get approved. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a reliable tool that will just submit your website to a bulk of directories. If you know of one please, please leave it in the comments section for everyone’s benefit.

Now I went ahead and did some research about the top free blog directories for SEO so you wouldn’t have to. For those in the SEO space, this is an effective Internet marketing tip to help your website gain some search engine traction. I came across a ton of articles, many of which were spammy or self promoting. However, one post about the top free blog directories that I found to be well compiled was written by Sanchit Singh at Blog Passage. I went ahead and used this list, in combination with my own experience to come up with an excellent list of the top free blog directories for search engine marketing. Check out the list below:

url PageRank (PR)
Bloglines 9
Dmoz 8
Blogs 7
Catalog 7
Blogburst 7
Blog Directory 7
Globeofblogs 7
Botw 7
Icerocket 7
Eatonweb 7
Bloggernity 7
Nycbloggers 6
Blogrankings 6
Blogsearch 6
Eatonweb 6
Ezilon 6
Reateitall 6
Crayon 6
Zimbio 6
Twitend 6
Bloghub 6
Aboutus 6
Getblogs 5
Blogtree 5
Blogville 5
Twiends 5
Regator 5
Searchsight 5
Smallbusiness 5
Blogexplosion 5
Loadedweb 5
Directory 5
Ontoplist 5
Submitblognow 4
Info Listing 4
Minnesota 4
Blogotion 4
Blogarama 4
Open Blog Directory 4
Spicypage 3
Theseoking 3
Websandiego 3
Bloglisting 3
Gozoof 3
Buzzerhut 3
Feedmap 3
Blogz 3
Feedplex 3
Blogsrating 3
Search 3
Fybersearch 3
Lsblogs 3
Bloggernow 3
Collector 2
Blloggs 1
Directorybest 0
Wilsdomain 0
Blogaz 0

This list is a great foundation and starting point for your SEO efforts. Please add additional sites below so readers can benefit. Thanks and happy blogging!

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  1. How to add my directory to this very good list. My directory is for niche bloggers to gain new clients for blog posting and mentions.

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