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We’ve managed to knock out another round of improvements to our premium SEO tool, which we are confident users are going to love. This update is strictly for premium users, but we are also working on some improvements to the social media scraper and our email address scraper. We expect these changes to be complete in the next week.

Premium User Updates

We’ve made two major updates for our premium users. One is more of a cosmetic change that will allow you to easily manage your results. The other will support this by enabling you to create a name for each scrape you perform.

Type Of Scrape And Name Now Listed On Results Page

On the results page you will notice that you now see a column labeled “tool”. This is where you will see the tool that corresponds for the type of scrape you performed. You will also notice a column labeled “name”. This is where you will see the name of the previous scrapes as well as the name for any new scrapes you run. Please note we are working on giving you the ability to rename and rerun your scrapes. You can expect that in the next few weeks.


New Loader Allows You To Name Scrapes

You don’t have to stare at those terrible, generic names any longer. We’ve given you the ability to name your scrape whatever you want it to be. We definitely recommend making it something that is easy to identify and relates to the scrape you are performing. For example, if you are scraping a list of email addresses from dog training websites, I would name is “Dog training sites”.


As always, thank you so much for being a part of the Octatools community. We promise to keep working hard to make our tools better for you.

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