3 Statements of the Clueless CEO

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Clueless CEO

Let’s face it, there are a variety of titles I could choose to use for this article. For example, “How to Know your CEO is an Idiot”, “You Know your CEO is a Moron When…” or some other combination of words that express my frustration listening to CEOs, Bosses, Managers, and supposed to be leaders, who can’t guide a group … Read More

Difference Between WordPress Widget and Plugin

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Wordpress Widget and Plugin

As of the early 2000s the word widget has been thrown around for any thing that didn’t have a name and was a tech based tangible object. I remember sitting in class at college and my professor would say when “company x produced the widget priced at $100…” I remember saying to myself, “what the f*** is a widget?” Well … Read More

Social Influence of Fashion Blogs Globally

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Fashion Bloggers

They say fashion bloggers are the new celebrities, journalists and stylists. Instead of being known as tweens that like to take pictures of their cute new outfit, they are now known as influencers. A certain cult following has occurred and fashion bloggers might as well be called publishers. Hell, they even get their own night dedicated to them titled Fashion … Read More