7 Online Marketing Tips & Tricks From The Pros

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Building a strong online presence is the key to success for all businesses today. This makes online marketing a crucial part of your business growth regardless of what industry you are in, or the size of your business. The process of creating big enough an online footprint for your business can however be a time consuming, and a frustrating experience. … Read More

Learn Why AMP Pages Are The Future Of Mobile Search

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Future of Mobile- AMP Pages

In early 2016, Google rolled out its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, which is designed to deliver content at lighting speed for the mobile web. Slow mobile experiences are currently the norm when it comes to using the internet on mobile phones and has left many users frustrated and disenchanted with the mobile web. As the shift toward mobile continues, more … Read More

What Is Google’s RankBrain?

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Google rankbrain artificial intelligence

If you haven’t already heard, Google’s web search is now going to be at least partially controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) machines. No, this isn’t a joke! In fact, it is the next evolution in its search engine algorithm that is the result of Google having spent years investing in AI technology. Google’s AI system, nicknamed RankBrain, will soon be … Read More