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SocialADR Review

There was a time in the SEO world when there was a weird art known as social bookmarking that was a rather important part in an SEO strategy. There were hundreds of different social bookmarking providers that would allow you to bookmark your website or a specific webpage of your choosing. This page would then be counted as a backlink and also be shared among the respective social bookmarking community. As the SEO time warp blasted forward, the value of social bookmarks in terms of back link value has been devalued and Internet marketing tips that worked were harder to come by.

So should you still be social bookmarking your blog posts and webpages? Yes you should! This works great with free blog directories. Should you be manually bookmarking everyone yourself? No you shouldn’t! You’re time should be spent in more valuable ways…

What is SocialADR

SocialADR is an automated social bookmarking tool that allows you to bookmark your webpages to 28 social media sites. The sites included in SocialADR are as follows:


How Does SocialADR Work

When you sign up for SocialADR you either use existing social media profiles or you create new ones to use with the service. SocialADR will also create them for you at a price of $11.00. These social media profiles will be used to share the bookmarks submitted by other users to keep it more natural. Once you sign up you need to get credits in order to enable the bookmarks that you submit to be shared. Credits can be purchased (which I recommend) or you can build up credits by “sharing” other members’ bookmarks. According to SocialADR, “Sharing” means you click a single button and the bookmark is submitted to ALL the social media accounts you have setup. The best part about SocialADR is that if you purchase bookmarks the process of sharing is automated.

How To Use SocialADR

SocialADR can be helpful when trying to increase search engine ranking for any website. In order to do this in the most effective manner you should follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

Login into your SocialADR account by visiting here:

Step 2

Once logged into your SocialADR account go to the main navigation along the top and hover over the Bookmarks item and select “Add Bookmark”. This will take you to the page where you add all of the details about your social bookmark.

Step 3

On the Add Bookmark page you should enter the URL of the webpage you are looking to bookmark.

Step 4

Add the title that you wish to use for your bookmark that will be displayed on all of the websites that share your social bookmark. To make this title more unique across each social channel you have the ability to add what SocialAdr calls “spintax”. Below are some pointers from SocialADR on how to properly set your titles:

  • Primary keyword
  • Other relevant keywords
  • keywords with filter words like ‘my’, ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘best’
  • generic, like ‘check this out’, ‘click here’, ‘great site’
  • the URL itself

In terms of spintax, it gives you the ability to take a single piece of content and turn it into multiple variations. In order to allow this to work you need to set your sentence up with {text | text}. The example starting sentence that SocialADR gives is this:
The {fox|dog|camel}{jumped|hopped} very high.

This would then spit out one of the following sentences:

  • The fox jumped very high.
  • The fox hopped very high.
  • The dog hopped very high.
  • The dog jumped very high.
  • The camel jumped very high.
  • The camel hopped very high.

Step 5

Add the description that you wish to use for the webpage you are bookmarking. This should be written from the point of view from the user! Not an SEO type description stuffed with keywords.. The description section gives you the ability to use spintax so it is highly recommended that you do so!

Step 6

Add the tags that you believe properly represent your bookmark. These should be comma separated and short/popular words that you believe others will be using to describe your bookmark.

Step 7

Select the category that best describes your bookmark.

Step 8

Choose the submission rate you wish to use for the distribution of this social bookmark. You have the following options:

  • Drip = Once per week
  • Slow = Once every two days
  • Normal = 2-3 times per day
  • Fast = 8 times per day (costs 50% more credits)

*PLEASE NOTE: It is my recommendation that you do drip or slow as you want to roll these out slowly so it seems more natural to search engines.

Step 9

If you want to take this step you can. Just add the submission limit you wish to use. There is limit automatically set my SocialADR at 300 unless you pay for an increase. I usually set this to 100, but that is my preference. Use as you will!

Step 10

Hit “Save” and you are on your way to increasing the number of backlinks that point to your website.

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